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The Jerome Classic will take place in June in the City of Burnaby’s Swangard Stadium. The Harry Jerome Track Classic is Canada’s longest-running track and field event dating back to 1964. In its rich year history, world and Olympic champions, world record holders, Canadian stars and young hopefuls have thrilled spectators, achieved personal bests and, continuing their quests to become Faster, Higher and Stronger. You, too, may join this top Meet!


The Jerome Classic is Canada’s best track and field event, held annually since 1984. As a true track and field classic, events include sprints, hurdles, middle distances, jumps and throws, in addition to youth relays and the Special Olympics 100m. View the 2024 Tentative Schedule.

Registration Process

Please note 2024 Applications are now closed.

1/ Complete the National Tour Expression of Interest Form. Note this only needs to be completed once for all events across Canada. The Jerome Classic will also pull your updated results from your World Athletics profile, so there’s no need to update new seasonal bests.

2/ Register on Trackie

  • Athletes in most events will only be able to register to the waitlist. As athletes are confirmed by the Meet Director, they will be moved from the waitlist into full registration. Below are the Confirmation Timelines.
  • Athletes entering events that will have national (i.e. development) sections may register fully right away, but this does not mean they will be selected for the top section of their event.
  • Athletes also have ability to scratch themselves on Trackie and self-trigger refunds less admin fees.
  • Application deadline closes June 9, midnight PST

Field Sizes

The maximum size of fields for each event group (inclusive of pacemakers) is as follows:
Event Group: Maximum # of Athletes
Sprints and Hurdles: 8
800m: 11 (10 athletes plus 1 pacer)
1500m: 15 (13 athletes plus 2 pacers for the Top Section, 1 pacer other Sections)
3000m / 5000m: 18 (16 athletes plus 2 pacers)
3000m Steeplechase: 18 (17 athletes plus 1 pacer)
Vertical Jumps: 12
Other Field Events: 8 +2 additional Canadian athletes

Entry Standards

Female 5000m: 16:30 (10:00 if 3000m held instead)
Female 3000m Steeplechase: 10:40
Male High Jump: 1.95m
Female Pole Vault: 3.90m
Standards must have been obtained in 2023 or 2024

Other events will not have firm entry standards: 100m, 400m, 800m and 1500m heats will likely keep getting added to accommodate all athletes provided they have 750 results score points and higher. Remaining lanes will be filled by interested athletes.

Confirmation Timeline

The confirmation process has been developed with an aim to balance the following competing objectives:
• Giving early notice to athletes who express interest, so they may make travel or contingency plans
• Fostering the most competitive fields possible by keeping the door open for potential late entries especially since the Meet does fall in a last chance window to qualify for the Olympic Games
June 9, midnight PST is the final deadline to apply.

Given the above, there will be four waves of confirmations for the top heats of track events:
1. First Wave March 15 – up to 25% of each field will be confirmed with athletes who have 1,050 points or more.
2. Second Wave April 15 – up to 50% of each field will be confirmed with athletes who have 1,050 points or more.
3. Third Wave May 15 – up to 75% of each field will be confirmed with athletes who have 1,000 points or more.
4. Final Wave June 10 – 100% of each field will be confirmed and heat sheets will be published shortly thereafter. Final wave confirmations may be based solely on 2024 performances.

Event Tiers & Financial Support

There will be three different event tiers at the Meet:





WA Placing PointsFBB
1st Place Prize $USD$0$750****$1,600
2nd Place Prize $USD$0$450****$1,200
3rd Place Prize $USD$0$300****$900
4th Place Prize $USD$0$0****$600
5th Place Prize $USD$0$0****$400
6th Place Prize $USD$0$0****$300
Meet HotelN/A1,150+ Points1,130+ Points
Travel ReimbursementN/A1,170+ Points1,150+ Points
$50 CDN Per Diem (Max 3 days)N/A1,200+ Points1,190+ Points
$200 CDN Travel StipendN/A1,130+ Points1,110+ Points

* Points = WA Results Score points, not inclusive of placing points, from 2023 or 2024 Seasonal Best performances in the competition or WA designated similar event. Heat/flight seeding and financial support for athletes seeking to compete in an event for which they do not have a 2023 or 2024 Seasonal Best will be at the discretion of the Meet Director and subject to a 20+ point handicap.
• Only performances on an athlete’s WorldAthletics.org profiles are initially considered. Potential consideration of other performances is at the Meet Director’s discretion.
• Indoor performances will be scored using Outdoor points. Ex: Female 800m indoors of 2:02.00 = 1,153 indoor points, but we’d count it as 1,127 points.
• For 100m athletes, 100m results scores must be used; 60m results scores will not be accepted.
• Wind aided performances will use wind-aided results score calculated on the athlete’s worldathletics.org profile.
• If competing in multiple events, athletes only receive financial support for one event, the more favourable one.
Financial support for those outside the Top 6 in their event are subject to hotel room availability and funds.
**Canadian CAPP athletes ranked Top 6 in their event at the time of their confirmation will receive, at a minimum, shared accommodation in the Meet Hotel.
***In lieu of requiring travel support, local athletes residing in the Lower Mainland with 1,110-1,649 points in a Premium Event (or 1,130-1,189 points in an International Event) will receive $200 CAD stipend, and those with 1,170+ points in a Premium Event (or 1,190+ points in an International Event) will receive a $500 CAD stipend.
**** International tier prizing to be confirmed
Para Prizing will be based on Raza Point Scores in comparison to other Para Athletes in the competition with five awards: 1st = $750 CDN, 2nd = $550, 3rd = $350 CDN, 4th = $200 CDN, 5th = $150 CDN.

Meet Hotel

The official meet hotel will be the Delta Hotels Burnaby Conference Centre located at 4331 Dominion Street, Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada, V5G 1C7. There will be a shuttle bus running from the hotel to the track for pre-meet training on Thursday and Friday pre-Meet, as well as the competition on Saturday.

A few athletes may also be placed in the Element Vancouver Metrotown at 5988 Willingdon Ave, Burnaby.

Athletes who are not, or may not, receive financial support to attend the meet are encouraged to book accommodations as soon as possible as accommodations in Vancouver and Burnaby fill up quickly.

Hammer and Discus events will take place in Langley, the Meet Hotel there will be the Sandman Hotel Langley at 8855 202 St, Langley Township. This is separate from the Sandman Signature.


Track Shuttle Service will be provided from the Meet Hotel to and from the track on Thursday and Friday before the Meet for pre-comp workouts as well as for the meet itself on Saturday. The bus will loop back and forth between the Delta Hotel and the stadium.

Airport Transfers from the YVR Vancouver International Airport in Richmond is available upon arrival for athletes receiving financial support to attend the meet. These athletes may be grouped with others arriving around similar times and placed into minivans to be taken to the Meet Hotel. For Departures, a bus will depart the Meet Hotel on the Sunday following the Meet. Please see the current schedules below.

Technical Meeting

Friday, June 14, 7:30 PM
Zoom link
+1 778 907 2071 Canada
Meeting ID: 86128428678
Passcode: 298218

This June


  • Saturday, June 15, 2024, at Swangard Stadium, Burnaby; Plus
  • Sunday, June 16, 2024, at McLeod Athletic Park, Langley – for Hammer and Discus

Athlete Training Opportunities

  • Burnaby Central Secondary, Thursday, 6-8pm
  • Swangard Stadium, Friday, 3-7pm
  • McLeod Athletic Park – Friday, 4-7pm
  • McLeod Athletic Park – Saturday, 12-4pm

Burnaby – Saturday, June 15

Swangard Stadium
Burnaby, BC
6100 Boundary Rd
Burnaby, BC, V5S 3R2

View Maps

Langley – Sunday, June 16

McLeod Athletic Park
Langley, BC
5687 216 St
Langley Twp, BC, V2Y 2N5

Langley is for Hammer and Discus

Event Maps

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to be a part of track and field history.



Where Speed & Strength Reigns

The Jerome Classic is also part of Athletics Canada’s National Track and Field Tour, a series of ten high-performance outdoor track and field meets nationally. This Tour helps develop athletes for future National Team representation, and qualify Elite Athletes for the 2024 Paris Olympic Games. The Meet provides meaningful competition opportunities for athletes at home, whereby Canadian athletes may earn valuable World Ranking points. The Jerome Classic is also a Silver level feature on the World Athletics Continental Tour. This means that select events will further receive C level Placing Points towards athletes’ World Rankings.

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